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CEO Intro“It's been an interesting journey for Derby over the past 25 years! Globalization and the Internet Era have steadily changed the test data management needs of the electronics industry and our customer relationships have been instrumental in driving us to evolve and innovate.

With the launch of Derby Insight, a unique combination of cloud-computing, web-technology and knowledge-based services, we are looking forward to another 25 years assisting electronics companies make better decisions faster."

Errol Lafayette
Derby Associates President & CEO

A long rewarding journey - Kilimanjaro,Tanzinia


About Us

Derby 25th LogoDerby Associates International Inc. is an independent software and cloud-computing company, headquartered in Fort Collins,Colorado, USA.

The Company specializes in test workcell data collection and analysis solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry that enable companies to improve performance and quality on the shop floor and across the global  manufacturing supply chain.  

Derby has been in business for 25 years and has provided data management solutions to many leading electronics companies in a wide range of industries including aerospace/defense, automotive/transportation, consumer, industrial and telecommunication.

Our Expertise

Ever since Derby Associates was established in 1990 as a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard’s Manufacturing Test Division (MTD), the Company’s core competency and expertise has revolved around automated test and repair data collection from commercial Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

Derby has developed links and the expertise to support a wide range of ATE solutions including incircuit test, functional test, visual inspection and x-ray test.  Today the Company is a leading supplier of automated data links for commercial ATE, with long standing relationships with partners such as Keysight Technologies and Teradyne.

Our Solutions
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Derby INSIGHT is a cloud-based decision support framework that addresses the real-time decision support needs on the shop floor and connects dispersed personnel and business processes to manufacturing data. Derby Insight includes:

Shop Floor Connect (SFC) is a web-based data collection framework that automatically collects and centralizes shop floor data from anywhere in the global manufacturing supply chain.

Shop Floor Insight (SFI) is a family of web-based analytics solutions that use statistics to analyze the data collected by SFC to improve quality and performance on the shop floor.

Derby On-Demand is a cloud-computing service that uses SFC and SFI to provide electronics manufacturers with a single- or multi site data management solution.

Our Mission

Derby’s mission is to enable electronics companies to reduce the cost and resources needed to successfully bring their products to the marketplace by improving real-time decision support across the global manufacturing supply chain. The Company’s mission is to enable its customers to:

“make better decisions faster”

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