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About Us

Derby Associates International Inc. is an independent software and cloud-computing company with headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA and an office in the UK.

The Company specializes in test workcell data collection and analysis solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry that enable companies to improve performance and quality on the shop floor and across the global  manufacturing supply chain.  

Derby has been in business for over 30 years and has provided data management solutions to many leading Fortune 100 companies in a wide range of industries including: aerospace/defense, automotive/transportation, consumer, industrial and telecommunication.

Our Expertise

Derby Associates was established in 1990 as a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard’s Manufacturing Test Division (MTD). The Company’s core competency and expertise has revolved around digitizing Automated Test Equipment (ATE) workcells on the shop floor.

Derby supports a wide range of ATE solutions including incircuit test, functional test, visual inspection and X-Ray test, which make-up the vast majority of machines in an electronics manufacturing supply chain.

Derby is the leading supplier of automated test and repair data collection solutions, with long standing relationships with many leading ATE vendors (e.g. Checksum, Keysight Technologies, National Instruments and Teradyne, etc.).

Our Solutions

Derby INSIGHT is a cloud-based information management solution for the electronics manufacturing industry that is focused on improving engineering and business decision support on the shop floor and across global manufacturing supply chains. Derby INSIGHT comprises a range of web-based solutions that include:

Shop Floor Connect (SFC) is an advanced edge-computing solution with a wide range of digitization and data management functions. The SFC web-based data collection framework automates data collection, delivery and storage of shop floor data from anywhere in the global manufacturing supply chain. SFC includes a range of data management services that includes an advanced test data collection format, off-the-shelf links to commercial ATE and a web-based data collection server.

Shop Floor Insight (SFI) is a family of web-based Support-MES applications that were designed specifically for the electronics manufacturing shop floor. SFI applications include graphical/paperless repair, real-time SPC, quality management, test verification and machine utilization analysis.

PRISM Analytics (PRISM) is a cloud-based Business Intelligence solution that provides the transparency needed to monitor shop floor performance across global manufacturing supply chains from anywhere via the Internet. PRISM also includes a suite of predefined reports and dashboards that enables users to quickly improve business decision support, without having to worry about creating standard reports. PRISM is an enterprise level solution.

The Derby Cloud is a cloud-computing service that enables the Derby INSIGHT solution to be delivered as a hosted solution that includes Infrastructure-as-as-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Managed Services and Consulting-as-a-Service (INSIGHT Consulting). The Derby Cloud enables companies to quickly deploy an advanced information management solution with minimal demand on internal IT resources, while providing the flexibility to make configuration changes to meet future needs.

Our Mission

Derby’s mission is to enable electronics companies to reduce the cost and resources needed to successfully bring their products to the marketplace by improving transparency and real-time decision support across the global manufacturing supply chain. Together, we can "Make Better Decisions Faster".

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