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Aug 15th Derby Associates and AirBliss+ BV, a High-Tech PPE company, are collaborating together to use Derby’s Cloud Digitization Platform (CDP) to digitize the Company's manufacturing process and cloud-based Mask Safety Monitoring System. The Derby CDP enables companies to use a single platform for multiple digitization requirements.
Jun 13th Kohler selects the Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution to automate test data collection and to support quality management on the shop floor.
Apr 17th Derby was part of a select group of Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance partners that were invited to attend and promote its products at Mitsubishi Electric Automation Americas Sales Meeting & Technical Summit (April 17-19, 2023). The objective of this event was to increse awareness for the Company's Derby INSIGHT Digital Factory platform.
Jan 8th Derby announces double-digit sales growth in its cloud-computing business in 2022. This growth is being driven by an increase in the demand to modernize and digitize legacy Operational Technologies in the High-Tech Manufacturing Industries.
Dec 1st

Derby releases a NEW version of its MQTT Link that publishes Test Event Data in Derby's Data Collection Format (DCF). DCF enables raw data collected from different test equipment to be normalized into a structure that contains all the event, defect, measurement and meta data needed for advanced Product Decision Support.

Sep 2nd Bose Corporation streamlines its global manufacturing data management solution by converting their on-premise packaged software to a Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing On-Demand Service.
Sep 1st Derby announces the addition of a new Data Center partner to expand the Company's cloud services. Cyxtera, a global leader in colocation, with a footprint of more than 60 data centers was selected.
Aug 17th Mitsubishi Electric signs Derby Associates as an  e-F@ctory Alliance partner. The collaboration between Derby and Mitsubishi will focus on enabling Electronics and Industrial Automation manufacturing companies to digitize and cloud-enable their manufacturing processes.
Jan 24th Derby releases a new version of the Company's PRISM Analytics Business Intelligence solution. “Electronics Manufacturers are demanding more transparency into the global manufacturing supply chain to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time,” said Errol Lafayette, Derby’s CEO. "Derby INSIGHT cloud-enables dispersed manufacturing sites so the data needed to improve business decision support is readily available in PRISM Analytics".
Jan 10th Derby will be attending APEX 2022 (25th-27th January). Derby will be on the Teradyne Inc. stand (no. 2719) to announce collaboration to Cloud-Enable the Teradyne TestStation In-Circuit Tester with Teradyne’s Smart4Metrics, so it can be connected to the Derby INSIGHT Cloud. Derby is the first commercial software company to use the Teradyne Smart4Mertics factory integration platform to create a commercial data collection link for the Teradyne TestStation In-Circuit Tester.
Dec 22nd NEW Teradyne ATE: Derby Associates, Teradyne Inc. Announce Collaboration to Cloud-Enable the Teradyne TestStation In-Circuit Tester with Teradyne’s Smart4Metrics . Derby is the first commercial software company to use the Teradyne Smart4Mertics factory integration platform to create a commercial data collection link for the Teradyne TestStation In-Circuit Tester.
Nov 26th Derby launches a NEW machine data link that supports MQTT, a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages/data between devices. The Derby MQTT Link is a part of the Derby Shop Floor Connect platform.
Jul 22nd Derby has been approved as a Honeywell Test Data Collection standard for all Strategic Business Groups (SBGs) within the company. “Derby has been providing test data collection solutions to Honeywell since 2001, so we are pleased to receive this recognition and status”, said Errol Lafayette Derby Associates Intl. CEO.
Apr 2nd Derby Announces the launch of a NEW High Availability Data Collection Server (DCS) that supports automated failover between the Primary DCS and a Back-up DCS. Derby customers with 24x7 production processes that rely on real-time data flow can use the DCS failover feature to improve business continuity on the shop floor
Mar 10th

Northrop Grumman upgrades to the latest Derby INSIGHT cloud-based solution to increase test data analysis and engineering decision support across multiple sites. The new configuration supports quality management reporting and SPC analysis.

Jan 18th Derby grows its cloud-computing revenue for the sixth consecutive year, which is in line with Gartner's forecast Read more. Derby will continue to develop and launch new web-based software and services in 2021 to meet the increasing demand for cloud-computing solutions.
Nov 17th

Cloud-Computing Market Continues to Grow: Gartner Forecasts Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion, up from $257.5 billion in 2020, according to Gartner, Inc. Read more.

Sep 19th Resideo Technologies Inc. selects Derby's PRISM Analytics Business Intelligence solution. Resideo is using the Derby Cloud to provide “live” transparency on performance at their contract manufacturing sites. The addition of PRISM Analytics will improve real-time business decision support.
Aug 5th Derby announces a NEW cloud-to-cloud integration solution that connects the Derby Cloud to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The link is based on the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams API and enables Derby's customers to augment their enterprise solutions with live data from Derby Shop Floor Connect.
Jun 13th Honeywell selects Derby's PRISM Analytics Business Intelligence solution to monitor Key Performance Indicators across ten global manufacturing sites. PRISM will be used to monitor Efficiency, Quality and Cost metrics in near real-time via the Derby Cloud.
Feb 4th Derby PRISM Analytics, a Business Intelligence solution, will be launched at APEX 2020. The early-adopter phase for PRISM Analytics that encompassed a multi-site global deployment has been successfully completed and the solution is now ready for commercial release. PRISM Analytics addresses a key requirement for Derby customers, which is to provide transparency for important business metrics across the global manufacturing supply chain from anywhere at any time.
Jan 27th Derby will be at APEX 2020 (4th-6th February) on the Teradyne stand (No. 3313). Derby will be exhibiting its new product offerings, including Derby PRISM Analytics and pre-release of Derby’s Cloud-Smart4Metrics at APEX.
Jan 8th

The Honeywell Digital Factory solution based on Derby INSIGHT continues to expand. Two more manufacturing sites will be connected, taking the total number of sites to double digits! This expansion includes the first electro-mechanical manufacturing site that will demonstrate the flexibility of the Derby Shop Floor Connect and Cloud-computing framework to support the general Industrial Automation industry.

Jan 6th

Derby announces double-digit sales growth in its cloud-computing business in 2019 for the fifth year in a row. Companies continue to turn to cloud-computing solutions to accelerate the adoption of advanced software and knowledge-based services. The need to streamline global operations and reduce IT costs continues to be a key driver for the adoption of cloud solutions.

Nov 25th
Derby and Teradyne collaborate together to provide a cloud-based version of Teradyne's Smart4Metrics (S4M). S4M is a new machine data management solution from Teradyne that brings test data and intelligence from the TestStation incircuit tester to existing enterprise cloud solution suchs as Derby INSIGHT.
Oct 14th
Derby releases a new data collection link for the Seica family of Incircuit and Flying Probe testers. This new link is based on the ATML IEEE 1336.1 Test Results Standard.
Sep 19th
Honeywell connects three more sites from the USA, UK and China to their Digital Factory solution that is based on Derby INSIGHT. The solution in being used to provide real-time transparency across the Honeywell global electronics manufacturing supply chain.
Sep 9th

Derby announces that it will launch a new Business Intelligence (BI) solution called PRISM Analytics in the first quarter of 2020. PRISM will extend the Company's data analytics capability and Digital Factory offering. PRISM works seamlessly with Derby’s Shop Floor Connect framework so it can be easily and quickly added to existing Derby INSIGHT solutions. PRISM is being evaluated by select Early Adopters that have a need for a multi-site BI solution.

July 12th
Derby launches a NEW edge-computing solution called the Derby Connect Appliance (DeCA). The DeCA is based on a commercial Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that is pre-loaded with Derby's Data Collection Server software. The DeCA reduces Derby INSIGHT solution deployment time and IT costs by removing the need for physical or virtual servers on the shop floor.
May 21st

Derby launches a new ATML Test Results Link for National Instruments TestStand (ver 6.02) and ATML 1636.1 (ver 2013). The Derby ATML for NI TestStand has been tested on real customer data and successfully used to generate Shop Floor Quality reports that analyzed test measurements, defects, first pass yield and production volume. Derby plans to extend its ATML Test Results link to support other commercial ATE platforms.

May 10th

Derby announces that the Company will support the Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML IEEE 1636.1) Test Results Standard. The ATML Test Results schema provides a standard format for exchanging and storing measured values, test status, and associated meta-data (including test operator, station information, and environmental conditions). The ATML standard and Derby ATML Links will make it easier for test engineers to digitize ATE and collect the data needed for advanced decision support in the electronics manufacturing test workcell.

Apr 27th Derby releases a new link to PTC's KEPServerEX a leading industrial automation connectivity platform. The Derby KepServerEX Link provides real-time access to machine status data from Automated Test Equipment connected to Derby's Shop Floor Connect framework. This link is being used by one of Derby's major accounts to monitor test asset utilization.
Apr 23rd Honeywell continues to expand its Derby Digital Factory footprint by deploying the Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution at a new electronics manufacturing site in Mexico, which is part of a global Advanced Manufacturing Engineering initiative.
Feb 4th Resideo extends its Derby On-Demand Service (ODS) by renewing the service at its facility in Mexico and adding another Derby INSIGHT instance for an EMS partner in Poland. Resideo (previously Honeywell) has been a Derby ODS customer since 2012.
Jan 9th

Collins Aerospace System (CAS) a UTC Business Division selects Derby’s Web-ReX a web-based graphical and paperless repair solution. Web-ReX will enable CAS to increase rework productivity and root cause analysis by capturing repair cause and action.

Jan 2nd

Derby announces double-digit sales growth in its cloud-computing business in 2018. Many analysts say businesses are changing how they buy technology, reducing their reliance on maintaining their own data centers and backroom servers. Instead, many companies are opting to power their operations using software rented from cloud-computing companies. Electronics manufacturers are implementing Digital/Smart Factory strategies, which is increasing the demand to digitize and cloud-enable shop floor processes.

Dec 15th Derby releases a new Shop Floor Connect integration link to SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) that shares test event and transactional data in real-time between Derby and SAP. The SAP ME link was recently deployed at a Derby major account as part of a product traceability project.
Nov 30th Resideo a 4.5B$ company selects the Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution to digitize and cloud enable its global manufacturing supply chain.
Oct 22th

Derby launches Web-ReX a new web-based graphical/paperless repair application.  Web-ReX is based on modern web-based technology that enables the application’s graphical interface to run in a browser and support real-shaped parts. Web-ReX will eventually replace its predecessor ReX that was originally launched in 1998.

Sept 12th Honeywell continues to expand its Derby Digital Factory footprint by deploying the Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution at one of its largest electronics manufacturing sites in Europe.
Aug 5th Honeywell Elster uses Shop Floor Connect to digitize and cloud enable their Linky Smart Meter factor in France. Derby and Honeywell collaborate together to imbed Derby’s functional link technology (DCF-API) into multiple MTE Automated Test Systems building Smart Meters in Europe. The Derby MTE data collection link collects important data needed for product traceability and advanced engineering decision support.
Jun 22nd Derby launches TRUE INSIGHT a new cloud solution that monitors how Automated Test Equipment assets are being utilized across a global electronics manufacturing supply chain via the Cloud. TRUE INSIGHT works seamlessly with the Derby Shop Floor Connect framework to access test event data in real-time. TRUE supports the MTConnect standard which enables the solution to be used in the broader industrial automation industry.
May 4th UTAS upgrades to the latest Derby INSIGHT cloud solution as part of a Digital Factory initiative. Derby INSIGHT will enable UTAS to collect, centralize and analyze test and repair data in real-time from its global manufacturing supply chain.
Jan 9th

Derby joins the MTConnect Institute and become the first test data collection and analysis company on a roster of over 400 companies. The MTConnect standard offers a semantic vocabulary for manufacturing equipment to provide structured, contextualized data with no proprietary format. Derby's adoption of MTConnect extends Company's Machine-To-Machine capability into the Industrial Automation industry. View MTConnect overview video.

Sep 5th Derby expands its cloud-computing solution into the AgTech industry.  This was a special project to vaildate that Derby INSIGHT could be used in other veritcal industries beyond electronics manufacturing. The scope of work was to digitize and cloud-enable two automated optical inspection macadamian nut sorters (Savage Vision 15M) in Hawaii so management and engineers could monitor production performance (e.g. volume, defects and machine utiization) in near real-time from anywhere. The project successfully demonstrated that Derby's cloud computing technology could be leverage in other markets.
Aug 15th UTAS adds Derby INSIGHT to their factory in Vermont to extend the COmpany's digital footprint.  The Derby solution is an on-premise cloud computing solution that enables UTAS-VT to digitize the test workcell and automatically collect and store test data in an internal data center so it can be analyzed via the Intranet.
Aug 8th Honeywell continues to expand its Derby Digital Factory footprint by deploying the Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution at Elster Smart Meters factory in France. The Derby solution is being used to address quality management and traceability needs by automating data collection and centralized storage from highly automated Smart Cell testers.
Jun 20th Clear-Com has selected a Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution to automated data collection and analysis from their incircuit testers on the shop floor.
Jun 13th Kohler has selected a Derby ATE digitization solution to automated data collection and analysis from their incircuit testers on the shop floor.
Mar 3rd: Honeywell HBT expand its Derby Digital Factory in Europe by deploying the Derby INSIGHT cloud-computing solution at a Contract Manufacturing (CM) site in Poland. The Derby solution is being used to securely automate real-time test data collection and storage from the CM's shop floor. Honeywell and the CM have secure access to Derby Shop Floor INSIGHT to display SPC data in live dashboards on the shop floor or to generate quality reports via the Internet.
Feb 8th New Alliance between Derby and Cogiscan. Derby a leading supplier of data management solutions for the electronics test workcell, announces that it will collaborate with Cogiscan to expand Derby's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution. Cogiscan is a leading supplier of track, trace and control solutions for the electronics PCBA production process. The agreement between the two companies will extend Derby's overall MES capability to the front-end of the electronics manufacturing process.
Jan 19th Lithonia Lighting, an Acuity Brands Company, has selected a Derby ATE digitization solution to automated data collection and analysis from their incircuit testers on the shop floor.
Jan 9th Honeywell-Vocollect extends their Derby INSIGHT solution to support cloud-based test data analysis and quality management reporting.

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