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An automated data replication solution that protects manufacturing test product data from being lost.


Cloud ReplicationDerby Cloud Replication is a business continuity service that automatically copies all data collected by Derby Shop Floor Connect to a second data center, so critical business functions can continue to operate in the event of a serious incident or disaster.

A great deal of effort goes into collecting and storing data collected from the shop floor so that it can be used for decision support to improve performance or quality. Keeping historical shop floor data on-line for several years may also be required to meet regulatory or contractual obligations.

Losing shop floor data due to a serious incident or disaster at your primary data center is not only disruptive to your production process and manufacturing supply chain; it could create a non-compliance issue if data is lost permanently.

Derby Cloud Replication is a business continuity service that can be used to duplicate data and fail-over to a second location in the cloud.

Derby’s Cloud Replication Includes:

  • Back-up Cloud Deployment – Provisioning cloud storage in a second data center

  • Fail-over Services – Setting up and testing solution cut over or data replication

  • Data Flow Replication – Commissioning and monitoring secondary data flow

  • System Admin. – Keeping the replication platform and software updated

Customers with hosted or on-premises Derby INSIGHT solutions who need data replication to a second geographical location can use Derby’s Cloud Replication to improve business continuity on the shop floor and across the manufacturing supply chain.


Services Features:

  • Data Replication On-Demand Inexpensive access to a business continuity service that protects important product data.

  • Access to second data center — Improved disaster recovery, with automated data flow to a redundant cloud instance.

  • Fail-over Services — Assurance that critical data storage and analytics processes can continue to operate.

  • Infrastructure as a Service — No need to provision and maintain additional hardware or software for data replication.


Derby Cloud Replication ensures that important product data generated during manufactyring test is protected in the event that a serious incident or disaster occurs on-site.


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