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Would you like access to a state-of-the-art Tier 2 data center for your servers?


Colocation ServicesDerby Colocation Services provides electronics companies with access to an advanced Type II certified data center that has the capability to support enterprise class solutions without increasing demands on internal IT resources.

Your business is important, and having a secure environment for your servers is important to your business. For many people, the server is the backbone of their company. But it’s not often given the consideration it deserves. Some businesses have their servers tucked away in a closet, others have them in the main office, and there are a myriad of other places they’re sometimes stored. But what happens to these servers if something happens to your business -- if there’s a fire, or you get flooded?

Fortunately, you can protect your servers by colocating them in the Derby Data Center. The advantage with colocation is that you don't need to worry about providing an enterprise-class environment for your servers. Colocation provides the following features:

  • Secure and temperature-regulated facility, so your servers are protected.

  • Backup power through redundant connections and generators, so you don’t have to worry about a power outage disrupting service.

  • Redundant bandwidth connections, so you’ll always be able to connect to your server from your business.

  • Staffed data center around-the-clock providing on-site security at all times.

  • Built-in security with key card/biometric locks, racks with locks/alarms and continuous video monitoring.

Colocation Features:

The capabilities of Derby’s Colocation Services are outlined in the table below.

Multiple tier 1 carriers
(L3 and Comcast)
Multiple backhauls between Data Center and Denver
Layer2 across FRII Fiber
Dark fiber
90 tons chilled water
30 tons Liebert
APC in-row chillers (hot-aisle containment) 
A: 480V/800A
B: 208V/1600A
3 Backup generators:
750KW Genrac
160KW Genrac
100KW Natural Gas
2 UPSs:
Liebert 300 KVA
Powerware 165 KVA
Multiple (2) power feeds
Metered Power
2 Transformers
Continuous video monitoring
24x7x365 on-site presence
Locking racks:
single or triple lock points,
key or biometric options
Mantrap with biometric lock access.
Key Card Access
Cabinet alarms/notification options
By the U, starting at 3U 1/3 rack, 1/2 rack, full rack, multiple racks Steel entrance doors Concrete and brick structure  3800 sq ft, expandable to 5300 sq ft


    Derby Colocation Services provide electronics companies with a cost effective and flexible way to extend data center services to manufacturing sites, engineering/repair centers and remote facilities that have limited or no access to IT resources.  

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