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Are you maximizing the data analytics capability of your Derby INSIGHT solution
or is valuable information being left undiscovered?


Insight ConsultingINSIGHT Consulting is a knowledge-based service that focuses on maximizing the information that is generated from a Derby INSIGHT solution so it can be used to address common decision support needs across the manufacturing supply chain.

The Derby INSIGHT On-Demand Services create the information transparency needed to enable electronics companies and their suppliers to have real-time access to accurate electrical test data so they can collaborate together to improve performance and quality across the supply chain.

INSIGHT Consulting uses the Company’s inherent in-depth knowledge of the Derby INSIGHT solution and industry best practices on extracting insightful information from electrical test data to increase the decision support capability of Derby’s customers.

Derby INSIGHT is a secure cloud computing solution that enables electronics companies to automatically collect and centralize accurate test data from multiple manufacturing sites.  With near real-time access to data via the cloud, companies and their suppliers can use Derby INSIGHT data to generate the information needed to improve decision support.

In today’s global manufacturing supply chain with dispersed internal and external teams there is limited time, resources or expertise to perform in-depth data analysis on manufacturing test data. The result is that data that is collected is not converted to valuable information to support the business and remains undiscovered.

Derby’s mission is to enable its customers to “make better decisions faster” and INSIGHT Consulting is an extension of the Company’s cloud-computing services that were designed to improve decision support. INSIGHT Consulting enables Derby customers to gain access to manufacturing test data analysis experts that can provide assistance in several ways including:

  • Providing support at specific stages within the global manufacturing supply chain to improve performance and quality
  • Providing access to expertise, knowledge and best practices that can complement and extend internal decision support capability
  • Discovering opportunities to reduce the costs of quality in the manufacturing supply chain


Insight Consulting supports the following data analysis needs:

  • PCB Manufacturing Site Quality & Performance Analysis Review internal manufacturing sites performance and quality

  • Supplier Quality & Performance Analysis — Review external manufacturing sites performance and quality

  • Cost Savings Analysis for PCB Manufacturing — Estimate and monetize the current cost of internal failures on the shop floor

  • Test Asset Utilization Analysis — Provide baseline analysis of Automated Test Equipment connected to the Derby solution.

  • PCB Test Traceability Analysis — Document electrical test traceability reporting and information on data in the Derby solution

  • Test, Measurement & Defect Analysis — Analyze and report on electrical test data in the Derby solution.

    Insight Consulting increases the decision support capability of your Derby INSIGHT solution by providing access to the knowledge and expertise needed to reduce the time between Insight and Improvements.  

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