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Access to a complete range of Managed Services for the electronics manufacturing industry.


Managed Services

Derby Managed Services include a range of domain knowledge-based administration services designed to specifically support advanced shop floor data management solution such as Derby INSIGHT.

Derby Insight

Derby INSIGHT is a cloud-based data management solution for the electronics manufacturing industry that can be hosted in a “private cloud” at Derby’s Data Center or on-premises at the customer’s site, so customers have the flexibility to perform IT services internally or externally.

Providing IT services for advanced shop floor data management solutions is challenging because there is a need to support a wide range of requirements that are unique to the electronics manufacturing process.

  • A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) process is typically made up of a large number of expensive machines with different platforms and networking and data generation capabilities so set-up and system administration needs can vary significantly by machine.  Understanding the types of machine and how the data they generate is used helps to improve pro-active support and problem resolution.

  • A manufacturing supply chain is capable of generating vast amounts of data that must be collected from multiple sites and stored in a central database error free. IT teams must be capable of understanding and resolving data flow issues that can interrupt the production process and product shipments.

  • Data collected from the manufacturing supply chain is consumed by many teams in real-time or historically to support a myriad of business processes on the shop floor and across the manufacturing supply chain. Access to accurate manufacturing data is essential. Understanding the type and usage of data being generated and matching them to the appropriate IT services ensures business processes get the information they need to function and improve performance.

To ensure that IT services meet the needs of a global manufacturing supply chain IT teams need to have a good understanding of data processes on the shop floor and how that data is being used to make real-time decisions, so they can provide the optional services.

Derby’s Data Center Services team possesses the electronics manufacturing domain knowledge to provide effective Managed Services that include administration services that are designed to specifically support an advanced shop floor data management solution such as Derby INSIGHT.

Managed Services

Derby's Managed Services Include:

  • Cloud Deployment – Setting up customer solution and managing changes

  • Data Flow Management – Ensuring data is flowing without errors

  • System Admin. – Keeping the cloud software updated

  • Security Admin. – Managing user access, password and privileges

  • Cloud Storage – Commissioning and managing data storage instance

  • Data Back-up – Setting up and managing customer data back-up services

  • Disaster Recovery – Managing second data center and data replication

  • System Monitoring – Reviewing key system parameters to detect potential problems


Service Features:

  • Expert Admin ResourcesAccess to pro-active support that reduces disruptions in manufacturing.

  • Infrastructure as a Service — System platforms are provided “out of the box” and adjusted when needed.

  • Enterprise Class Database included — Improved flexibility and price/performance.

  • Data Replication On-Demand —Inexpensive access to a key business continuity service.

  • Access to Tier 2 data center infrastructure —Improved redundancy, security and disaster recovery.

    Derby Managed Services is a knowledge-based IT solution that provides the proactive support needed to maintain an advanced shop floor data management solution, while minimizing the demand on internal IT resources.  

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