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Cloud IconDerby INSIGHT On-Demand is a family of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that use the Shop Floor Connect and Shop Floor Insight software to provide electronics manufacturers with an advanced shop floor data collection and analysis solution.

Derby INSIGHT is a scalable SaaS solution that can be configured to meet a wide range of data management needs from an entry-level point-solution to a full-blown data management system for a global manufacturing supply chain.

Derby INSIGHT is fast to deploy as the primary software components are hosted in the Derby Cloud, which reduces the need to purchase capital equipment or consume scarce internal IT resources. "Simply sign-up and start improving decision support"!

Derby INSIGHT SaaS solutions have been designed to address specific business needs within the global electronics manufacturing chain and include:

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring

  • Quality Management

  • Knowledge & Documentation Management

  • Test Verification & Traceability

  • Test & Fixture Utilization and Peformance

  • Measurement Data Analysis

  • Supplier Quality & Performance


Key SaaS Benefits

There are a number of reasons to consider the Derby INSIGHT SaaS solutions if you are an electronics manufacturing company:

  • Fast Deployment — An entry-level ODS can be deployed in a few hours and a multi-site ODS in less than two weeks, which is significantly shorter than implementing a packaged software solution on premises.

  • Minimum Demand on Internal IT Resources — In most companies today internal IT resources are “stretched thin”, which makes it difficult to allocate additional system administration responsibilities to this team. The Derby Insight ODS is a hosted solution that includes IT and system administration services, so there is no need to consume internal IT resources.

  • Scaleable —The Derby Insight ODS enables you to start with only what you need and then expand the solution in manageable phases. So there is no need to buy the entire solution up front!

  • Flexible Configuration — It is not always possible to know precisely what data management requirements are needed up front. The Insight ODS configuration is adjustable, so you can select an initial set-up and make changes if your business needs change. With the Insight ODS you are not stuck with functionality you do not need!

  • Access from Anywhere — Authorized users can access the Derby Insight ODS from anywhere via the Internet, which improves transparency and collaboration across the manufacturing supply chain.

  • Access to Tier 2 data center infrastructure — Improved redundancy, security and disaster recovery coverage.

  • Software Updates — The Derby Insight ODS includes software updates so the solution is always current.

    INSIGHT On-Demand uses cloud-computing technology to improve decision support across today’s global manufacturing supply chain. The solution is affordable and fast to deploy, and creates the transparency needed to connect dispersed knowledge-works so they can improve performance and quality in real-time.  

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