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Do you know if your boards were correctly tested before being shipped?


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Test Verify (TeVe) is a Test Verification solution that reduces the possibility of shipping a board that has not been tested correctly and the costs associated with external failures in the field.

Test Verify (TeVe) is a real-time test verification solution that checks if a serialized printed circuit board (PCB) has passed all electrical test steps in the right sequence on the shop floor or across the manufacturing supply chain.  The goal of TeVe is to prevent untested products from leaving factories across the global manufacturing supply chain, which can lead to field failures and increased warranty costs.

TeVe works in conjunction with Shop Floor Connect (SFC), a web-based data collection framework that provides real-time access to test even data from factories in the manufacturing supply chain. SFC contains all the data needed to perform test verification (e.g. date, time, test status, process step, site location, etc.). SFC is responsible for automatically transporting and centralizing all test data collected from a single site or multiple sites. TeVe is a web-based application, so the user interfaces runs in a standard web browser, which support local or remote access and simplifies solution deployment.

TeVe can be accessed from a standard web browser, so there is no need to load software on client-side hardware to use the application. The TeVe configuration interface is used to set-up the solution to perform test verification on specific boards and process steps on the shop floor. Deploying TeVe on the shop floor is easy as scanning stations only require a monitor, barcode scanner and access to the Internet.

TeVe Use-Models

  • Edge-TeVe – for real-time test interlocking the TeVe software is deployed on-site to minimize data latency.

  • Cloud-TeVe – for situation where data latency is not an issue (i.e. End-of-Line or test interlocking between sites) the TeVe software can be deployed in the cloud (e.g. the Derby Cloud). Deployment of Cloud-TeVe minimizes the internal IT resources required on site and is faster to deploy.

  • End-of-Line – test validation is performed before packing/shipping in the production process to confirm a board has been properly tested. 

  • In-Line – test validation is performed programmatically (via an API) or by a manual scan before a production process step where it is critical to ensure all testing has been completed.

  • Incoming Inspection – used to interlock sites by verifying that PCBs received from a supplier have been properly tested before final assembly.


Key Features

  • Cloud-Computing Solution — Deployment is fast with no need for IT resources and system administration. TeVe’s user interface runs in a standard web browser, making it possible for test verification to be performed at local or remote sites.

  • Flexible Use-Model Insert test verification steps within the production process or across the global supply chain, at the end-of-the-line in manufacturing, programmatically before electrical test (i.e. functional test) or at PCB incoming inspection before final assembly to eliminate test escapes.

  • Fast Access to Shop Floor Data TeVe works seamlessly with Derby’s Shop Floor Connect (SFC), a real-time test data collection framework, so test verification can be performed in "near" real-time on the shop floor or at remote sites. TeVe can be added to an existing Derby solution with SFC in a few hours!

  • Programmatic VerificationTeVe includes an HTTP/REST Application Programming Interface (API) that enables test programs to make a programmatic call in real-time to verify if a serialized board has passed all previous electrical test steps..

  • Built-In Database TeVe's internal database has been optimized for retrieval speed to minimize scan latency.
    TeVe PassThe TeVe database is self-maintaining, which ensures that only the data needed for test verification is kept on-line and system administration is minimized.

  • TeVe Data Logging TeVe has the ability to create log records each time a TeVe scan event occurs. TeVe log records can be analyzed to monitor the quality of the test process flow so improvements can be made if test escapes are occurring.

Test Verify (TeVe) provides the “peace of mind” that products being shipped have been properly tested and that the risk of expensive external failures in the field has been minimized.

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