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Are you looking for a more accurate, automated and real-time solution to analyze test data from your test workcell?



The Web Push Button Quality On-Demand Service is an affordable and easy to use cloud-computing service that enables test departments to store and accurately analyze test data via the "cloud" with minimal IT or system administration resources.

Web-PBQ On-Demand (Web-PBQ ODS) provides a quick and effective method to turn test data into the information needed to monitor and improve performance within the test workcell. Web-PBQ ODS is a cloud solution, so there is no need to purchase capital equipment or consume internal IT resources and administration resources.

Web-PBQ ODS provides a quick and effective method to turn test data into the information needed to monitor and improve performance within the electronics manufacturing test workcell. Simply enable data logging on the tester, forward the data to the Derby Cloud and the solution is up and running.

Web-PBQ ODS has a modern, multi-tiered web architecture, which makes the application flexible and secure.  Users can gain access to Web-PBQ ODS via a standard browser, enabling local, remote and mobile users to monitor performance and quality in real-time from anywhere via the Derby Cloud.

Web-PBQ ODS has a flexible data transfer process so users can manually or automatically transfer data to the Derby Cloud. Once data is in the Derby Cloud users can securely log-on and generate statistical, performance and quality reports at anytime from anywhere via the Internet.

Web-PBQ ODS supports automated test, defect and measurement data collection and storage from commercial ATE. The built-in statistical and quality management reports covert test data into the information needed to monitor and improve performance. Web-PBQ ODS can also monitor fixture utilization so engineers can effectively manage fixture maintenace in the test worckcell to reduce retesting due to false failure calls.

Web-PBQ Overview


Key Features

  • Minimal Capital and IT Resources — Fast deployment with no need for additional hardware, IT resources and system administration.

  • Built-In Statistical ReportsImmediate data analysis & decission support out-the-box with powerful statistical and quality reports.

  • Accurately Analyze First Pass Yield & Defects – Improve Quality Management & Root Cause Analysis.

  • Measurement Data AnalysisImproves test program validation and stability.

  • Test Fixture AnalysisReduces the impact of false calls and retests due to poor fixture maintenance.
  • Test Utilization AnalysisImprove test asset utilization with automated test usage tracking and trending over time.

  • Access to Local, Remote & Mobile Users — Improves Information Sharing, Collaboration and ultimately Performance & Quality!

Web-PBQ On-Demand is an affordable cloud-based test data analysis and quality management solution that turns raw data into the insight needed for continuous improvements in the test workcell and on the shop floor, by enabling local and remote test engineers to “make better decisions faster”.

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