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January 5th, 2015


Derby Celebrates 25 Years in Business and takes a brief look back at the Journey

    Ever since Derby Associates was established in 1990 as a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard’s Manufacturing Test Division (MTD), the Company’s core competency and expertise has revolved around automated test and repair data collection from commercial Automated Test Equipment (ATE).Derby 25 Years Logo

    The catalyst for Derby was the launch of the HP3070 tester in 1987. HP MTD's HP3070 incircuit tester (ICT) enabled electronics companies to meet the manufacturing test needs of Surface Mount Technology printed circuit boards. The success of the HP3070 created an increase in the demand for test workcell data management and sparked interest in MTD’s quality management (Q-STATS II) and paperless repair (PR PLUS) software that were designed to work seamlessly with the HP3070 and other MTD ICT systems.

    “It was clear that we needed an operation to focus on data management in the test workcell and all the support services that surrounded this IT solution”, said Errol Lafayette Derby’s president and CEO. “In hindsight, the decision to allow Derby to spin off and focus specifically on developing and supporting HP MTD’s Q-STATS II and PR PLUS software was a good one as it has resulted in an established commercial solution for the electronics manufacturing industry”.

    The late 1990s and early 2000s were turbulent times for the electronics manufacturing industry, as many companies used outsourcing and globalization strategies to streamline their operations. This resulted in more business processes and personnel being dispersed around the world or being relocated to different organizations altogether. Also the push to address potential Y2K issues before the start of the new decade obsoleted many legacy platforms and ushered in the Internet Era!

    These changes in the electronics manufacturing supply chain made it difficult to manage and share data, collaborate across organizations and teams, and provide global IT support. “Globalization and the Internet Era were very disruptive trends that changed the status quo”, said Lafayette, “Derby needed a completely new information management strategy that could support the global manufacturing supply chain moving forward and fill any gaps in the solution delivery mechanism, while of course supporting an active installed base in transition”.

    Over the past decade Derby never lost sight of its mission to enable electronics companies to make better decisions faster and to maximize their return from its solution, driving the Company to evolve and adapt to meet the changing data management needs of the electronics industry. The result was a complete replacement of the legacy Q-STATS II platform and the launch of Derby INSIGHT, a multi-tiered web architecture designed from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s global manufacturing supply chain. Existing Q-STATS customers could easily upgrade to Derby INSIGHT as their data collection frameworks were compatible.

    “As pleased as we were with the launch of the Derby INSIGHT solution, delivery that was based only on selling packaged software was not always a good fit for some companies, such as those with limited IT resources or globally dispersed sites and personnel”, said Lafayette. “It made sense for us to offer our customers Software-as-a-Service, as the underlying technology of Derby INSIGHT supported cloud-computing and we inherently had the domain knowledge to support the solution”.

    The Company launched its first Derby On-Demand Service in 2004 and has continued to expand this offering to address the delivery needs of its customers. Today Derby INSIGHT is a complete solution comprising of three software and service components:

  • Shop Floor Connect (SFC) -- a fully automated, web-based data collection framework
  • Shop Floor Insight (SFI) -- a family of “tried & tested” web-based decision support applications
  • On-Demand Service (ODS) -- a collection of cloud-based services

    “It has been an interesting journey over the past 25 years that has seen some major changes in our software and service solutions. Fundamentally what we are trying to do has not changed, which is to enable electronics companies to make better decisions faster”, said Lafayette. “We are excited with our Derby INSIGHT offering and look forward to serving the electronics industry for another 25 years”.

For more information on Derby and its solutions visit our web-site at www.derbyinsight.com or contact us at sales@derbyinsight.com.


About Derby Associates Intl., Inc.
Derby Associates International, Inc. (Derby) is an independent software company that specializes in cloud-computing solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Derby offers a range of web-based data collection and data analytics solutions that are being used by many leading electronics companies to facilitate real-time decision support across today’s global electronics manufacturing supply chain. To learn more about Derby, visit www.derbyinsight.com.



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