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February 23rd, 2015


Derby Insight On-Demand Service Increases First Pass Yield by 8% in 30 days in a recent trial at NATEL’s manufacturing site in Juarez.

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA, February 23rd, 2015 -- Derby Associates International, Inc. (Derby) a leading supplier of web-based data collection and decision support analytics for the electronics industry and NATEL Engineering Co. Inc., an Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) company, release the results of a 30-day trial of Derby’s Insight On-Demand Service that was recently deployed at NATEL’s “Agave Plant” in Juarez, Mexico. The goals of the trial were to demonstrate the speed at which a cloud-computing solution could be deployed at a large manufacturing facility and the immediate impact the service would have on improving performance and quality on the shop floor.

The Agave Plant became part of the NATEL EMS brand during its 2013 integration of EPIC Technologies. The facility is a high-mix; medium volume production site that uses advanced Automated Test Equipment that includes ten Keysight 3070 incircuit testers. The 3070 has full data logging capability built into the system, which made this an ideal process step to focus on. A key part of the trial involved automatically collecting, storing and analyzing 3070 test data so it could be used to monitor and improve performance and quality on the shop floor.

Derby Insight On-Demand, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for the electronics manufacturing industry that enables companies to automatically send test and repair data from the shop floor to a database that is hosted in “the cloud” so that authorized users can analyze performance and quality via the Internet from anywhere and at any time in near real-time.

Derby launched its first SaaS solution in 2004 to meet changing information management needs in the electronics industry. “Globalization of the electronics manufacturing supply chain has dispersed business processes and personnel around the world and made cloud computing an ideal solution to reconnect people to the shop floor and create the transparency needed for everyone to collaborate to meet important business goals”, said Errol Lafayette Derby’s president and CEO.

“The advantages with SaaS are the speed at which the solution can be deployed, minimal demands on internal IT resources and access to enterprise class software, and domain/technical expertise without the need to make a large capital purchase or increase headcount” said Lafayette. “The trial of our Insight On-Demand Service at NATEL presented an ideal opportunity to benchmark our SaaS solution".

The Derby Insight On-Demand Service was deployed in less than 5-business days with one Derby on-site visit to NATEL’s Agave Plant to install the automated data collection solution and provide operator training. “I was extremely pleased with the Derby implementation of its Insight On-Demand Service. Quite literally, in just a few days, they were able to set up a solution that automatically collected test data from 10 Keysight 3070 ICT systems that was completed almost independent of EPIC IT support”, said Will Bolinger, Vice President of Operational Excellence and New Product Introduction at NATEL.

A key goal of the trial was to show a marked improvement in first pass yield on the products selected for the 30-day trial. As the solution was cloud-based it was easy for all authorized users, including personnel from three NATEL and two Derby locations in the USA and Europe, to see what was happening on the shop floor and to collaborate to make improvements in performance and quality.

“The trial was seamless to the plant and within a few more days the engineers were able to pin point and fix key test issues.  As a result of this trial on the selected products we were able to improve first pass yield by more than 8%”, said Bolinger. “There were 15 key success metrics and the Derby system met or exceeded the success criteria on all metrics”.

For more information on Derby and its solutions visit our web-site at www.derbyinsight.com or contact us at sales@derbyinsight.com.

About Derby Associates Intl., Inc.
Derby Associates International, Inc. (Derby) is an independent software company that specializes in cloud-computing solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Derby offers a range of web-based data collection and data analytics solutions that are being used by many leading electronics companies to facilitate real-time decision support across today’s global electronics manufacturing supply chain. To learn more about Derby, visit www.derbyinsight.com.

About Natel Engineering Co., Inc.
NATEL is a major independent manufacturer of a wide variety of electronic products, providing low to high volume production for its customers. As one of the largest and oldest privately held EMS companies in the U.S., NATEL EMS is known for solving tough engineering problems that result in high-reliability, high-quality electronics for customers in medical, defense, transportation and industrial fields. NATEL EMS is favorably positioned among mid-tier EMS manufacturers to "make amazing things happen." NATEL EMS holds and maintains industry specific certifications that include AS9100, ISO 13485, and ISO/TS 16949. Its MIL-PRF-38534 (DSCC) Class H and K certifications certify NATEL's expertise in designing and manufacturing microelectronic assemblies for space and mission-critical defense programs placing it in an elite group of defense and aerospace industry manufacturers. NATEL EMS, headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, has manufacturing locations in California, Nevada, Ohio and Mexico. To learn more, visit http://www.NatelEMS.com



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