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Assist GraphicsASSIST is a solution delivery service designed to ensure that the core components of Derby’s solutions are brought on-line as quickly as possible, and that the appropriate knowledge base is in place to support the software applications once the installation is completed. ASSIST focuses on all the tasks needed to successfully bring a Derby solution on-line at the customer’s facility and not just the tasks needed to install the software. This "whole product" concept ensures that there are no gaps between software installation and solution delivery.


ASSIST services are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your Derby solution as quickly as possible.  ASSIST services also ensure that your trained personnel are capable of managing the system and using it to improve decision support, performance and quality on the shop floor.
The ASSIST begins with the professional installation of your software solution.  The System Administrators are encouraged to participate in the implementation and commissioning of software ensuring that valuable knowledge remains with your personnel once the on-site visit is complete.  Of course, the consultant provides assistance where needed and guides the System Administrators in best practices where applicable.  Once the ASSIST services are complete, your System Administrators will not only understand how the solution works and how to maintain it, they will also know how to show others in your organization how to use the Derby solution to improve decision support.

A successful ASSIST means that your Derby solution is up and running quickly, and you can immediately begin capturing, storing and using valuable data from the shop floor or global manufacturing supply chain.  The ASSIST service enables you to get the most out of your software solution quickly and to turn data into insight and then actions that improve performance and quality.


ASSIST Standard Services:

A typical ASSIST is made up of some or all of the following deliverables:

  • Document and review the ASSIST Implementation Support Plan

  • Install the proposed software applications

  • Commission and test all machine links on the shop floor

  • Set-up live data flow to the Data Collection Server and route feeds to Derby and third party (optional) data analytics solutions

  • Commission first articles to ensure the solution is on-line in a real-environment

  • Provide hands-on training to local administrators to ensure they are able to continue deploying and institutionalizing the solution

  • Complete acceptance testing and sign-off.

The ASSIST services is flexible and can be modified to meet customer specific and custom requirements.

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