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Derby Services

Team Work

The Derby Customer Service team is responsible for delivering the technical services needed to ensure the customer’s solution is successfully deployed and the return on investment is maximized.  

Derby services are backed-up by a range of professional and knowledge-based services that include implementation services, customer training and software maintenance.




Derby ASSIST is a solution delivery service designed to ensure that the core components of Derby’s solutions are brought on-line as quickly as possible at the customer's site, and that the appropriate knowledge is in place to support the software applications once the installation is completed.

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Customer Training

All Shop Floor Connect and Shop Floor Insight applications are supported by professional training classes that can be delivered on-site at the Customer’s premises or off-site at Derby's training center in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Software Maintenance

Derby Standard Level Support (SLS) is a renewable software support and maintenance contract agreement. The SLS contract runs for 12 months and provides a range of ongoing support services that enable customers to keep their Derby solution up to date, secure and bug free.

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