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SLS ImageDerby Standard Level Support (SLS) is a renewable software support and maintenance contract agreement. The SLS contract runs for 12 months and provides a range of ongoing support services that enable customers to keep their Derby solution up to date, secure and bug free.

Derby’s data collection and analytics software are multi-tiered web architecture solutions with browser based access via the Internet. To ensure these software applications are running on the latest operating systems, platforms and above all are secure, Derby offers SLS a complete and professional software support and maintenance service.

SLS enables companies to protect and maximize the return on investment in their Derby solution by ensuring it is running on the latest software and users are able to effectively use the solution.


SLS Services:

SLS includes the following services:

Software Updates & Enhancements

SLS includes periodic new releases of software that provide product improvements, bug fixes, and additional features. Updates are incorporated into a planned schedule and automatically made available to customers with a software support contract.

Web Support & Conferencing

SLS includes remote support via commercial web-conferencing solutions, such as Citrix GoToMeeting, that enable the Derby support team to troubleshoot a problem or assist a customer with a task via the Internet.

Technical Support

The Derby technical support team is on-line to address technical questions and problems as they arise with the Derby software applications—including software and user problems. All support calls are assigned a ticket number and are tracked through to resolution by Derby.

Enhancement Requests

Software enhancement requests enable Derby users to provide input and suggestions on software updates and improvements. Customer inputs are assigned a ticket number and channeled directly to the development team and are an important aspect of new software releases.



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