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Are you maximizing the data logging capability of your in-house functional testers or is valuable data being trapped on the shop floor?


DCF-API Programmer

The DCF-API releases the data logging and engineering decision support capability of functional testers by enabling these machines to be seamlessly connect to the Enterprise-wide Decision Support Network.

The DCF-API programming tool provides a set of data logging routines that enable test developers to seamlessly connect in-house functional test platforms to the Derby Data Collection Framework.

With the Derby DCF-API, test developers can add a full function data logging solution to in-house functional test platforms. They can generate the test, measurement, failure, event and the associated metadata needed for advanced engineering decision support during design, manufacturing and test equipment support.

The DCF-API can be integrated into leading test programs (C/C++, VB, C#, VB.NET, NI Labview, Keysight VEE) and test executive software (e.g. NI TestStand and Keysight TestExec SL).

The DCF-API will automatically send the data it has generated on to the Derby Data Collection Server for distribution (e.g. storage in the Shop Floor Database). The data transport mechanism manages the data ensuring that it is buffered securely until it has been successfully transferred, thereby preventing any data loss during system or network outages.

Functional test is time consuming and can be a production bottleneck on the shop floor.  The DCF-API enables testers to log the event data and metadata needed to monitor test utilization (e.g. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Tester Utilization, Test Loop Count, etc.), so engineers can optimize test performance.


Key Features

  • Commercial Test Program & Executive Support – The DCF-API is a Dynamic Link Library so it can be easily incorporated into a Microsoft Windows based functional tester using one of the popular commercial test executives or test programming languages.

  • Advanced Data Structure – The DCF-API uses Derby's XML Data Collection Format (XDCF), so all the data needed for advanced decision support will be collected (e.g. test, measurement, event and associated metadata).

  • Automated Data Transportation – The DCF-API will also manage automated data delivery to Derby's Data Collection Server that is responsible for site-wide and supply chain-wide data transportation.

  • Test Event Data Collection Improves the ability to monitor and maximize test utilization by local and remote test engineers.


The DCF-API is a programming tool that enables test engineers to add an advanced data logging solution to
in-house functional test platforms so they can generate the data needed to improve functional test asset utilization and engineering decision support across the Product Life Cycle.

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