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Are you maximizing the data logging capability of your commercial ATE or is valuable data being trapped on the shop floor?



DCLinks provide an off-the-shelf solution that releases trapped data in commercial ATE, so it can be used for real-time decision support.

DCLinks is a family of automated test data collection links to popular commercial Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems (see list below).

Each DCLink is a complete solution that addresses the data logging, translation and transportation requirements to support a fully automated link to a specific ATE system.

 All data collected is converted to Derby‘s XML Data Collection Format (XDCF) to ensure that all event, measurement, defect and the associated metadata needed for advanced decision support is being collected.  

Derby has worked with many ATE vendors over the past 25 years and is the leading supplier of automated data links to commercial ATE. Derby has also collaborted with Industrial Automation and Cloud-Computing Technology vendors to expand the reach of the Derby INSIGHT solutions.


Supported Commercial ATE Links:


Key Features

  • Supports the Derby Data Collection Format – Improved data analytics and decision support.

  • Automated Data Transfer – Fast access to test, measurement, defect and associated metadata to support real-time decision support.

  • Support for Commercial ATE – An off-the-shelf link that can be up and running quickly.

  • ATE Relationships – Ensure links work-out-of-the-box and are updated if ATE vendors change their testers.

  • Support for Standards Ensures interoperability with other electronics manufacturing machines, applications and systems.

  • System Integration Solutions Ability to share real-time and structured test workcell data with other shop floor or business systems.


Data Collection Links is a family of commercial test data collection and system integration links that releases valuable product and machine data from Automated Test Equipment so it can be used to improve real-time decision support on the shop floor and across the global manufacturing supply chain.

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