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Do you have real-time access to shop floor data from all sites in your manufacturing supply chain?



The Data Collection Server (DCServer) is a real-time data transportation solution that improves decision support by connecting data producers and consumers together.

The Data Collection Server (DCServer) is an advanced web-based data transportation solution for the electronics manufacturing industry that automatically collects, formats and moves data in real-time from multiple machines and manufacturing sites around the world with minimal software development, system integration and IT resources. The DCServer has been designed to be configurable so it can be set-up to manage the data flow of any site within the manufacturing supply chain and meet IT data transportation requirements. The DCServer is made up of several configurable components that enable the system administrator to control how data flows into the DCServer and out of a site within the manufacturing supply chain. DCS Universe

The DCServer balances data collection speed and redundancy, minimizing the time it takes to move data from machines on the shop floor to the central Shop Floor Database and the potential for data loss. The Derby data collection framework has been designed to support global manufacturing supply chains and is based on a distributed architecture with a local DCServer at each manufacturing/remote site and a central DCServer.

The DCServer has a graphical system administration interface that can be securely accessed with a user name and password via the Internet from a standard browser.  Local and remote system administrators with authorized access can support the data collection framework from any location and at any time, which improves support coverage and reduces response time to address data flow issues.

The DCServer has built in web-monitoring capability, which enables administrators to check on the data flow status at any site from anywhere via the DCS MonitorInternet. The DCServer Monitoring status screen is used to monitor all web inputs and input/output directory parameters so that administrators can quickly check on the status of the data collection framework. Heartbeat signals are automatically sent between local and central DCServers to enable administrators to check if all machines are connected to the Derby data collection framework and that data flow has not stopped. Email alerts are sent to the administrators if configured alarms are detected (i.e. too many records in a queue, excessive times, etc.), so the problem can be quickly resolved.

The DCServer is an integration point that enables Shop Floor Connect to collect data once and share it with other enterprise applications in real-time. The DCServer can also be configured to preprocess Derby XML-DCF before sending it on to an external application or destination.


Key Features

  • Seamless Data Collection Real-time access to shop floor data from all sites with little to no human intervention.

  • Distributed Architecture – Provides the flexibility to balance data collection speed with redundancy.

  • Configurable Inputs & Outputs – Reduces solution deployment and system integration across all sites.

  • Web-Based Monitoring & Email Alerts – Ensures data flow issues are quickly resolved.

  • Open Data Access – Reduce the system integration effort needed to share shop floor data with other enterprise applications.

  • NEW High-Availability Option Automatic failover from the Primary DCServer to a Back-up DCServer.


The Data Collection Server is an advanced and robust data transportation solution that makes real-time shop floor data accessible to globally dispersed personnel and business processes, which reduces the time between insight and action.

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