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Providing the cloud-based transparency needed to improve supply chain performance.



PRISM Analytics provides a “window” into the global manufacturing supply chain that creates the transparency and insight needed to improve performance.

PRISM Analytics (PRISM) is a Business Intelligence solution for global manufacturing supply chains within the electronics manufacturing industry.

PRISM improves business decision support by providing cloud-based transparency for the performance metrics needed by decision-makers to make informed decisions. PRISM connects seamlessly to Derby's web-based data collection framework (Shop Floor Connect) so access to live shop floor data is readily available to support "near" real-time performance monitoring.

PRISM is a cloud-based solution that centralizes all data collected in the Derby Cloud so local, remote or mobile users can securely monitor performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators from anywhere at any time.

PRISM is focused on maximizing profitability by turning shop floor data into the actionable intelligence needed to detect opportunities to reduce cost and increase efficiency across the global manufacturing supply chain.


Key Features

  • Cloud-based Transparency to Information — PRISM is a cloud-based solution that automatically collects and centralizes data from multiple sites in a global manufacturing supply chain so the information needed to assess performance can be viewed via the Derby Cloud from anywhere, at any time.

  • Increases Cross-functional Collaboration — PRISM includes a data analytics model and a suite of standard reports and dashboards that enable manufacturing supply chain and advanced engineering teams to quickly view consistent information on performance and agree on problems and opportunities to address.

  • Improves Business Decision Support — PRISM reduces the time and effort needed for everyone to sync up and agree on what performance improvement opportunities to focus on. Goals and achievements can then be monitored with live PRISM Dashboards via the cloud or on the shop floor, ensuring everyone from operators to multi-site leaders stay in sync and focused.

  • Maximizes Economic OpportunitiesPRISM Analytics enables decision-makers to identify, prioritize and target opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency across global manufacturing supply chains, while empowering everyone to share a common goal "to do more with less resources".

  • Out-of-the-box AnalyticsPRISM includes a suite of over 50 standard reports and dashboards that were designed specifically for electronics manufacturing, enabling users to quickly improve transparency and business decision support.

Derby INSIGHT Solution

The Derby INSIGHT solution stack provides a cloud-based data collection and decision support solution for the electronics manufacturing industry, from automated collection to data analysis.

Derby INSIGHT Overview

PRISM Analytics Overview

PRISM is a data visualization tool that provides the transparency needed to monitor the performance metrics required to improve business decision support on the shop floor and across the manufacturing supply chain. PRISM was designed to support a range of use-models out-of-the-box.

PRISM Overview

PRISM Analytics Use-Models

The Production Performance use-model is used to display production performance and quality on the shop floor, so operators, line supervisors and engineers can quickly monitor important KPIs.

PRISM Production Performance

The Quality Management use-model is used to monitor key quality metrics (e.g. First Past Yield) by site, process step and assembly type in near real-time on the shop floor or remotely via the Internet.

PRISM Quality

Test Workcell Performance use-model is used to monitor performance metrics that are specific to Automated Test Equipment used to test printed circuit boards in production (e.g. test status, volume, yield rate, utilization, fixture performance, etc.).

PRISM Test Workcell

The Supply Chain Management use-model is used to enable local or remote personnel that are responsible for ensuring production goals are met, get access to data in a timely manner. PRISM dashboards are used to monitor production volume, new product introduction performance, production cost, equipment utilization, etc.).

PRISM Supply Chain


The Remote/Mobile use-model is used by remote or mobile users that are not on the shop floor, but have a need to monitor production metrics to support the Product Life Cycle (e.g. multi-site managers, design engineering, advanced engineering, return material management, etc.).

PRISM Remote Model



PRISM Analytics uses live shop floor data to monitor performance and improve business decision support across global manufacturing supply chains, enabling companies to “do more with less resources”.

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