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Do you have a solution to reduce the impact of Internal Failures and collect the repair data needed to prevent failures from reoccurring in your test workcell?



Quick Repair Lite (QRL) is an affordable rework solution for the Keysight 3070 that provides paperless and graphical repair without the need for additional CAD conversion.

Quick Repair Lite (QRL) is an affordable graphical and paperless repair solution that was specifically designed to work with the Keysight/Agilent 3070 ICT that balances capability, easy-of-use and cost.

QRL uses the standard 3070 board files to generate board graphics, so there is no need for any additional CAD translation, which simplifies and speeds up the graphics generation process. QRL graphics and be generated in minutes. QRL uses the data logging capability of the 3070 tester so there is no need to add any custom software. QRL can run directly on the 3070 controller or on a stand-alone PC.

QRL reduces the time it takes semi or non-skilled operators to troubleshoot and repair a faulty PCB with several productivity tools that reduce the time it takes to find shorts, parts and device pins on a board.

QRL can capture the repair cause and action taken by the operator, so this data can be stored for analysis. QRL was designed to work alongside Web-PBQ and Shop Floor Quality (SFQ) so repair and test data can be combined in a central database to improve root cause analysis.


Key Features

  • Graphical Repair — Increases repair efficiency and reduces learning curves for semi and non-skilled users.

  • Paperless Repair — Removes the need and inefficiencies associated with paper tickets.

  • Repair Cause & Action Data Collection — Improves Quality Reporting and Root Cause Analysis.

  • Find Shorts, Parts and Pins — Reduces repair/cycle times and WIP in the test workcell, and de-skills the repair process.

  • Generates Graphics from standard 3070 files — Simplifies and speeds up the set-up process, as no CAD conversion is necessary.

  • Works with Derby Web-PBQ and SFQ — Improves root cause analysis and quality management.


Quick Repair Lite (QRL) is an affordable graphical and paperless repair solution for the Keysight 3070 ICT workcell that provides the productivity tools to reduce the time needed to inspect, troubleshoot and repair complex printed circuit boards, while capturing the data needed to improve root cause analysis and reduce the cost associated with PCB rework.

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