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Is hidden, inaccessible or dispersed data limiting your data analysis and decision support capability?



Shop Floor Database (SFDB) minimizes data sprawl and improves data analytics by providing a fully automated solution to centralize structured data from the global manufacturing supply chain.

Shop Floor Database (SFDB) is the cloud-based storage layer of Derby's data collection framework. All historical data collected by Shop Floor Connect is centralized in the SFDB so it can be used by advanced data analytics such as Derby’s Shop Floor Insight for decision support.

SFDB is an enterprise-class solution that is based on Oracle’s leading Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that has been on the market since 1987, so it is a “tried and tested” solution. Derby has leveraged Oracle’s highly scalable and robust RDBMS platform enabling SFDB to address the performance and capacity requirements of a large manufacturing supply chain.

SFDB's predefined schema is designed to support the wide ranging data needs of electronics manufacturing (e.g. test, measurement, defect, and repair data along with related metadata that are contained in Derby Data Collection Format (XDCF)). The SFDB schema and the Shop Floor Connect (SFConnect) data collection framework support time zone recognition for data producers and consumers, which enable users to see reports and information in local time.  The SFDB includes a Stuffer web-service that is responsible for validating and automatically inserting all data collected into the database.

There is little to no customization required to install and commission the Derby SFDB, so the solution works “out-of-the box”. Derby SFDB is an integration point that enables SFConnect to collect data once and share it with other enterprise applications. The Derby SFI Bridge is a secure web-service that enables external applications to request structured shop floor data from the SFDB.


Key Features

  • Enterprise Class Database Solution – A scalable solution that can address the storage needs of a global manufacturing supply chain.

  • Electronics Manufacturing Schema – Supports the shop floor data and associated metadata needed for advanced decision support.

  • Automated Data Insertion & Validation – Minimal system administration support and corrupt data in the database.

  • Time Zone Recognition – Improves easy of use by enabling users to see data in their local time zone.

  • Open Access to Structured Data – Reduces system integration effort and improve data analytics for other enterprise system (i.e. ERP, MES, Big Data, etc.).


Shop Floor Database is an enterprise-class storage solution that automatically centralizes structured shop floor data from multiple manufacturing sites so it can be used to improve data analytics and decision support across the global supply chain.

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