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Do you have real-time visibility on shop floor performance and quality?


Shop Floor Monitor (SFM) is a "heads up display" for today's agile manufacturing supply chain enabling users to monitor key process indicators on the shop floor in near real-time from anywhere.

Shop Floor Monitor (SFM) is a real-time data collection and analysis solution for the electronics manufacturing process that uses statistical analysis to monitor and control performance on the shop floor.

SFM provides access to real-time statistical charts and alarms via the Internet so local and remote users can quickly see what is happening and collaborate to improve performance on the shop floor.  SFM creates the transparency and insight needed to reduce the time between detecting a problem and taking corrective action.

SFM has a modern, multi-tiered web architecture, which makes the application flexible and secure.  Users can gain access to SFM via a standard browser, enabling local, remote and mobile users to monitor performance and quality in real-time from anywhere. SFM architecture enables the solution to be delivered as a hosted (SaaS) or on-premises solution.

SFM Web-Dashboards provide flexible access to “live” SPC charts and alarms via a standard browser so local, remote or mobile users can monitor specific information of interest from any location. Web-Dashboards allow multiple reports to be grouped together in a single display, so all users can quickly see what is happening on the shop floor at a glance. For example, engineers at a remote site (i.e. design center) can monitor Web-Dashboards so they can collaborate with the manufacturing team to prevent problems or to quickly resolve them when they occur. Web-Dashboards can be placed anywhere in the supply chain to create the transparency need to improve decision support. 


Key Features

  • Web-DashboardConfigurable dashboard that displays real-time statistical charts and alarms in a browser from anywhere and at any time.

  • Real-Time SPC ChartsConverts test and repair data into real-time charts that can be used to monitor Key Process Indicators and Trends on the shop floor (e.g. First Pass/Overall Yield, Test Defect, Production Volume, Repair Cause, etc.).

  • Real-Time Alarms & Alerts Automates notification when an unacceptable performance level or out of control condition is detected. Alarms are displayed on the real-time charts and alerts are sent to local and remote users via email.

  • Real-Time Data CollectionSupports standard links to popular commercial incircuit and functional test platforms including Agilent, National Instruments and Teradyne, removing the need for system integration or manual data entry.

  • Built-In Relational DatabaseEnsures all the data collected, including measurements, defects and repair causes, are automatically stored and ready for analysis with minimal delay.



Shop Floor Monitor makes it possible for dispersed personnel in the global supply chain to collaborate together in real-time to improve decision support and performance on the shop floor. SFM enables companies to reduce the time between insight and action.

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