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Do you have access to the information needed to reduce the cost-of-quality on the shop floor?



Shop Floor Quality (SFQ) converts data from the electronics manufacturing test workcell into the actionable intelligence needed to increase quality and efficiency on the shop floor.

Shop Floor Quality is an advanced quality management and product traceability solution that was specifically designed for the electronics industry.

SFQ works seamlessly with Derby’s web-based data collection framework (Shop Floor Connect) so test and repair data from local or remote sites can be automatically centralized and analyzed in “near” real-time.

SFQ includes a complete range of statistical and quality management reports that have been designed to support the electronics manufacturing industry. SFQ's flexible reporting solution enables globally dispersed and mobile organizations to get information “to the right person at the right time” so everyone can stay in sync and collaborate to make improvements.

SFQ has a modern, multi-tiered web architecture, which makes the application flexible and secure.  Users can gain access to SFQ via a standard browser, enabling local, remote and mobile users to monitor performance and quality in real-time from anywhere. SFQ architecture enables the solution to be delivered as a hosted (SaaS) or on-premises solution.


Key Features

  • Web-Based Analytics – Access shop floor information securely from anywhere and at any time via a standard browser. For example, users can access data from the shop floor, remote offices or mobile device when they are on the move.

  • Built-In Statistical Reports – With over 60 standard web-reports specifically designed for electronics manufacturing--users are up and running fast! The reports are configurable so users can easily define what information they would like to monitor by location, product or date/time.

  • Global Data Access – SFQ works in conjunction with Derby’s web-based data collection solution so users have access to shop floor data from anywhere in the global manufacturing supply chain. Having full data access empowers everyone to make improvements.

  • Flexible Data Publishing – Users can distribute SFQ information immediately or periodically in a variety of ways including web-dashboards at local/remote sites, email reports to a distribution list or sending reports to the user’s inbox, to ensure that everyone stays informed.

  • Flexible Solution Delivery SFQ’s multi-tier web architecture enables the solution to be implemented either as a cloud-based or on-premises solution providing the customers with the freedom to choose.



Shop Floor Quality is a cloud-based statistical quality control solution that converts test data into the insight needed to increase first pass yield and prevent internal failures for occurring on the shop floor.

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