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Do you have a rework solution that can speed up repairs,
reduce test workcell WIP and improve root cause analysis?




Web-ReX is a web-based repair solution that reduces the time it takes to repair a faulty printed circuit board, while capturing the data needed to improve root cause analysis and efficiency in the test workcell.

When printed circuit board (PCB), fail electrical test on the shop floor, there is a cost associated with repairing or scrapping the faulty PCB. MES solutions that target electronics manufacturing need to include a repair solution to enable technicians to fix faulty PCB quickly and to prevent scrap.  Web-ReX is a Support-MES application that focuses on the repair process within the manufacturing test workcell. Web-ReX reduces the cost of internal failures by reducing repair labor, re-testing and scrap.

Derby was one of the first software companies to develop an integrated graphical and paperless repair solution when ReX was launched in 1996, so repair loop management is a Derby core competency. Today, the original ReX solution has been superseded by a completely new web-based version called Web-ReX that includes new features and functionality.


New Web-ReX FeaturesWeb-ReX

  • Web Browser Interface – removes the need for any additional software on the client side, which greatly simplifies solution set-up and user access.

  • Real-Shaped Parts – improves board graphics by replacing the legacy ReX right-angle part shapes with actual part shapes. As PCB designs become denser, this enhancement increases the visual cortex impact of Web-ReX, which makes it easier for users to navigate the board graphics to find parts and traces.
  • Built-In GenCAD Import – Web-ReX has a built-in GenCAD version 1.4 importer, which removes the need for a separate CAD translation process. The built-in GenCAD import feature simplifies and speeds-up the board graphics generation process.

  • Support for ReX Graphics – Web-ReX also supports legacy board graphics, so ReX users can continue to use their existing board graphics.

  • Easier Remote Access – The web browser interface makes it easier for remote sites (e.g. engineering centers, repair depots or contract manufacture) to access Web-ReX, which extends the reach of solution.

Established Web-ReX Features

  • Active Board Graphics — Simply scan in the board serial number and Web-ReX will display the board graphics and the failure ticket in a single display. Even if the operator is not a technician or unfamiliar with the board they can quickly navigate their way around the boards with basic training.

  • Built-In Productivity Tools — An intuitive point-and-click navigation interface enables non-expert users to quickly find small parts, potential shorts, circuit traces and information on parts without the need for paper document (e.g. schematic or parts locator), which reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot and repair a faulty PCB.

  • Seamless Links to Commercial ATE – Web-ReX works “out of the box” with popular commercial incircuit testers (e.g. Keysight HP3070, Teradyne TestStation, etc.), so no custom work is required to set-up the Derby repair solution.

  • Paperless Repair — No need to stick failure tickets on the board, which invariable fall off! Web-ReX will display test failure information electronically, which removes the need for paper and potential retests if the failure ticket is lost. Reducing the need for paper (e.g. schematics diagrams) also simplifies certification audits (e.g. ISO 9001) as managing electronic documents is easier.

  • Repair Data Collection — Drop down menus are used to make it easy for operators to log the reason for the failure and the action taken. Not only does this feature remove the need for manual data collection it enables test defects data to be combined with the cause for failure, which improve traceability, root cause analysis and the ability to prevent problems from reoccurring.

  • On-Line Board History – Web-ReX provides on-line test and repair history for a specific serialized PCB. This feature enables operators and technicians to see what actions have been previously performed on a PCB, so they can make a decision on what to do next.

  • Multi-Repair Process Support — PCB failures can happen at several points on the shop floor, so Web-ReX has the ability to support multiple repair steps, which enables the complete test and repair history for a serialized boards to be captured.

  • Integration to other Derby Applications — Web-ReX works seamlessly with other Derby Shop Floor INSIGHT applications, so repair and test data can be combined to improve decision support by sending repair data to:

    Shop Floor Quality to discover the root cause of defects so they can be prevented from reoccurring

    Shop Floor Monitor to create real-time dashboards that include test and repair charts and alarms.


Shop Floor Repair (Web-ReX) is an advanced graphical and paperless repair solution that provides the productivity tools needed to reduce the time needed to inspect, troubleshoot and repair printed circuit boards, while capturing the data needed to improve root cause analysis and efficiency in the test workcell.

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